We provide expert knowledge and services in Multi-Vendor BMS/ELV Systems, Value Engineering, Design Review, Risk Assessment, Review of supplier's proposals as well as Testing, Commissioning, Repair, Operation and Maintenance service. Provide site survey inspection report of an area where work is proposed or existing.

We make the point of contact where human interface with machines easy, safe and secure, we create new possibilities to create value propositions, at substantial initial cost and energy savings for our customers.

SMARTE's Business Principles:

To win and maintain customers by providing products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality, reliability, safety and environmental friendly system, which are supported by the requisite technological, environmental and commercial expertise long time availability which will result return on investment by client.

Economic, we provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to address extra low voltage automation and controls systems integration challenges.

Business integrity, Integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business and expect the same in our relationships with all those with whom we do business.

Energy, to reduce the energy consumption is the key principle for which the complete management system is been designed and implemented which delivers the return on investment to client faster.

Reliability, we provide reliable product and service to our clients.

Availability, we ensure provided product availability features allow the system to stay operational available for repair or replacement or up gradation at least for 10 years.

Serviceability or maintainability, we offer product and service simplicity and speed with which a system can be repaired or maintained, It includes various methods of easily diagnosing the system when problems arise. Early detection of faults can decrease or avoid system downtime.

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